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About FCAP & FCAP Adventures

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FCAP Adventures is a ministry of the Fellowship of Christian Airline Personnel (FCAP). FCAP's mission is to represent Christ in the airlines/aviation industry through meaningful relationships and quality work worldwide.

Since 1979 FCAP Adventures has been offering retreats and get-aways--such as the Ski Adventure in the Austrian Alps, the Greek Sail-Away, and cruises--for airline personnel. These retreats are offered to provide a time of relaxing, refreshing, recreating and re-centering our love and focus on our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Your FCAP Adventures Crew


Todd Billingsley


Serving as worship leader for many years since the 1998 Ski Adventure, Todd (a private pilot with just enough knowledge to be dangerous) now keeps an eye on the big picture for FCAP Adventures' events. 

Missy Billingsley

Base Manager / Reservations

From her years of serving in reservations with Eastern Airlines, Missy ensures you're all set and taken care of with a smile.


Dale Grimes


"Delta Dale" has attended all but two Ski Adventures over its 43-year history (but with only 4 ski medals to show for it). Dale is the glue that brings the FCAP Adventures family together.

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Damaris Wetz


As with her flight attendant duties for Lufthansa, Damaris keeps you informed during adventures to ensure you have a wonderful experience.


Alice Becker

F.O. (Frontline Officer)

A 747 pilot by day for Cargolux, Alice keeps you up to date on upcoming FCAP Adventures via email and social media.

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