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Plane Dein Skiabenteuer

In diesem Bereich findest Du alles, was Du für die Planung Deines Skiabenteuers benötigst.

Fülle das Formular zur Registrierung bis zum 1. Januar 2023 aus . Dadurch können wir uns mit Zimmerreservierungen und Bodentransporten auf Deine Ankunft vorbereiten und Deinen Check-in-Prozess mit Skiverleih, Skipässen, Ausflügen und mehr optimieren.

MADRE, Yves  (10 / WED / €451.50)

MADRE, Calixte  (10 / WED / €339.50)

MADRE, Zacharie  (10 / WED / €451.50)

MADRE, Casilde  (6 / SUN / €340.50)

MADRE, Raphaël (6 / SUN / €340.50)

MAEDLER, Kristin (6 / SUN / €340.50)

MANDER, Karen (6 / SUN / €340.50)

MCMILLIAN, Don (6 / SUN / €340.50)

MCMILLIAN, Kim (6 / SUN / €340.50)

MINNARD, Brad (6 / SUN / €340.50)

MINNARD, Mindy (6 / SUN / €340.50)

MINNARD, Zachary (6 / SUN / €184.50)

MINNARD, Cora (6 / SUN / €184.50)

MUELLER, Anna (6 / SUN / €340.50)

MURRILL, Cindy (6 / SUN / €340.50)

MURRILL, Jason (3 / SUN / €207)

MURRILL, Ashley (6 / SUN / €184.50)

MURRILL, Bridget (6 / SUN / €184.50)

MURRILL, Jayla (6 / SUN / €256)

PALADINO, Joe (6 / SUN / €340.50)

PALADINO, Mary (6 / SUN / €340.50)

PROCINO, Anthony  (6 / SUN / €340.50)

REGELLO, Deb (6 / SUN / €340.50)

REILLY, Ann  (6 / SUN / €340.50)

RUSSELL, Henry (6 / SUN / €340.50)

SABIN, Nate (6 / SUN)

SABIN, Lori (6 / SUN)

SCHMIDT, Susan (6 / SUN / €340.50)

WILHELM, Chris (6 / SUN / €340.50)

WILHELM, Gary (6 / SUN / €340.50)

WILHELM, Josh (6 / SUN / €340.50)

WILHELM, Dani (6 / SUN / €340.50)

WILHELM, Jillian (6 / SUN / €340.50)

WILHELM, Jacob  (6 / SUN / €340.50)

WILHELM, Sedona (6 / SUN / €340.50)

YANG, Leana  (3 / WED / €156)

ZAIS, Craig (6 / SUN / €340.50)

  • When do I pay my remaining balance?
    Your remaining balance must be paid 30 days prior to your arrival (February 2, 2024), otherwise your reservation will be cancelled. Reservations that have not been paid in full by February 2nd will be released to those on the waiting list on February 3rd to provide ample time for making travel arrangements.
  • How do I pay?
    OPTION 1 (Best option for North Americans) Visa/MasterCard: Pay online with Visa or MasterCard at To ensure your registration is properly confirmed, please designate "FCAP Week" in the "order number" field. OPTION 2 (Best option for Europeans) Bank Transfer: Please use the following account info: Tauernhof’s Bank: Steiermärkische Sparkasse A-8970 Schladming, AT Account Number: 17400007708 Account IBAN number: AT252081517400007708 Bank Identifier Code (BIC): STSPAT2G
  • What do I need to bring?
    Download the 12-page Pack-n-Prep PDF located above on this web page.
  • What time do I meet the bus at the Munch Airport on arrival day?
    12:00 PM
  • What time does the bus leave on the last day back to Munich?
    9:00 AM
  • What time will the bus arrive at Munich Airport on departure day?
    It all depends on the traffic, but the bus should arrive at the airport sometime between noon and 1:00 PM.
  • Is there alternate transportation to get to and from Schladming?
    Yes indeed. TRAIN Train service ( is available directly from Schladming. It's affordable, convenient, and provides breath-taking views. Currently, the first train on Saturday leaves at 5:06 AM and arrives at the Munich Airport at 9:37 AM. AIRPORT TRANSFER Should you need to catch an earlier flight, airport transfer service is available from Schladming. These companies have nice vans that typically transport up to five (5) people and their luggage to Salzburg for approximately €200, and to Munich or Vienna for approximately €500. You could arrange a group and split the cost of the taxi. Service to Graz and Linz airports are available as well. You can pay online when you book via credit card, or you can pay in cash (Euro) after your ride. The drivers speak English well, and are delightful to talk to. If you decide to use one of these services, it is highly recommended to reserve early. Here are a couple of local airport transfer services. Taxi Maxi (links directly to online booking form in English) WM Taxi Schladming (links directly to online booking form in German/English) Blacklane Another option is Blacklane, an executive black car service that operates like Uber and Lyft (download app and create a free membership), with the exception that the costs are all-inclusive and include gratuities. Town cars, executive SUVs/vans, and limos are typically the three category offerings. Any transportation involving trains and airport transfers, along with formation of travel groups must be arranged on your own.
  • What do I do as soon as I get off the bus?
    You'll have 4 things to accomplish as soon as you arrive: Get your room key and place your bags in your room. Go to Tritscher's ski shop (next door) and rent your skis/snowboard. Go to Planaistation (also next door), and purchase your ski pass. Go to the Wintergarten for our welcome reception at 6:00 PM. For more info, download the Check-in Procedures PDF located above on this web page.
  • What meals are not covered in the cost?
    Dinner on Saturday night Breakfast on Sunday morning Lunch on Sunday afternoon
  • What are some good restaurants in town?
    Download the Schladming map/restaurant suggestions located above on this page.
  • What time should I make dinner reservations for Saturday night?
    7:30 PM or later. A welcome reception with appetizers, cider, and coffee will be prepared for you at 6:00 PM in the Wintergarten. Important information will be shared to help you navigate the first 24 hours of the week.
  • Are ski passes included in the cost?
    No. This is an extra cost, and you will purchase them directly from Planaistation (the ski lift) as soon as you arrive or on Sunday morning.
  • How much do ski passes cost?
    It depends on how many days you plan to ski. If you plan to ski every day, you'll want a 6-day ski pass. You can see Planai's current ski pass prices at
  • Should I get a ski pass even though I don't plan to ski?
    It is recommended. The views are spectacular, and there are many fun huts (restaurants and pubs) up on the mountain. You may also enjoy rodeln (Austrian sledding) down a 5-mile run from the top of the mountain for which a ski pass gets you on the lift (all you'd need is to rent a sled for about €8). With a ski pass, you can also use Schladming's bus system.
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